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Mondulkiri Ethnic project’s main aim is provide a safe location to treat, nutrition, injured and /or mistreated domestic elephants while providing a hands-on approach to elephants care education and improvement of their welfare. We provide and elephants welfare and rehabilitation service.

The Mondulkiri Ethnic project site is a series of interlaced rented farms surround by farm and forest.

This sanctuary allows the elephants to get to close as possible to their natural environment, where their mahout could know look after and take care for them, while providing a large areas of forest for elephants to spend time away from human activity for longest period of time possible during a normal working day.

Our vision has to been to bring together people who want to support elephant’s welfare and this has been extremely successful with the commitment and help of tourist.

The Mondulkiri Ethnic project also protect an areas of forest from destruction to ensure that the Bunong people, elephants and the huge variety of other creatures in the forest have habitat for the future. This sanctuary is key to the local community and elephant’s future, as the forest have slowly come down around us.


Proposal for Community Development /Background & Need to support from you

My name is Vanny and I grew up in Putang village, around 7 kilometers from Senmonorrom town in the Mondulkiri province of Cambodia.

 I previously worked for an NGO here in Senmonorrom, but am now working on my community. I work in tourism but also as a translator and interpreter as I speak Bunong, Khmer, and English and have been to university. There have been many changes in Mondulkiri over the last few years, and I am trying to work with the changing environment to help best share and preserve our culture to help our community’s family as best we can.  Do not organize treks with elephant-riding because this detrimental to the elephant and encourages unhealthy tourism. We have many stories and experiences to share and have an unmatched understanding of the region.

In January 2015 the Mondulkiri Ethnic Project signed an agreement with my Bunong indigenous elders from the Putang Village and the Community authorities.  This agreement to increase the elephant’s numbers and protected forest for elephant’s foods in a large area of pristine Community forest use near Sen Monorom.  The Community forest use borders the Sima Protected forest so there is a lot of wildlife, from birds, to deer, wild pigs, and monkey. There are many beautiful waterfalls, swimming holes, valleys… is a very special place.

The local indigenous (Bunong community needs to have an income.  To make money they are cutting down the forest to sell the timber to Vietnam or to clear the forest to make small farms to grow rice.  As the population is growing, the need for more rice is also growing.  So more and more forest is being cut down.  I am really worried that before long all the forest in Mondulkiri Province will have been cut down.  The thought of losing this special jungle area makes me very sad.

The Mondulkiri Ethnic Project is an eco-tourism organization developed in consultation with the local Bunong tribal community. It is located in a Bunong tribal village of Putang 10 km away from Senmonorom with a beautiful jungle valley, waterfalls, swimming holes & wildlife

The Mondulkiri Ethnic Project aims to support some elephants in the communities so that they can be part of a longer life and longer income program for community. The elephants will be very well cared for as they are part of the vision for a better life for all of the communities. Just as we hope to provide better living conditions for the older people, students through our project.      

Mondulkiri Ethnic project need Foundation for Development on the community bellow:

1.       Rebuild old School for Library , store of school material

Numbers of room: 2 for. Library, School material store.

Name of School: Putang Primary School, Senmonorrom twon, Mondulkiri Province.

Address of School: Putang Village, Senmonorrom twon, Mondulkiri Province.

Destination from town: 12km.

Question: why do we need rebuild all school?

Because at that school they have no Bookstore for the students get more knowledge for all history of the country and school materials store for school equipment for the school use.

2.       Students Materials

Number of the students total is: 199 students.

Name of School: Putang Primary School, Senmonorrom twon, Mondulkiri Province.

      Address of School: Putang Village, Senmonorrom twon, Mondulkiri Province.

     Destination from town: 12km.

Question: why do we need School materials?

By the Cambodian government they provide for community use only 2 main thing is School and Teacher are from them what I observation in this areas where a am from , so that I am really happy to find out the good and kindess person who may donate for our community.

So why we need for the students as children in Putang because all of the students’ parents are farming of farmer so that could not provide for their children going school. Because they do not have enough money resource and no member for helping them to working at farms. And also that what we need are as bellow for Improving and increase of students’ futures and make students happy for study:

1.       Books ,2.       Pens ,3.       Pencils ,4.       Uniforms ,5.       Footballs,6.       Valley balls

Note: For all of this material is going to provide them for 2 time / year one is for the beginning of year start from November and last one is after Khmer New Years in middle of April of the year.

3.       Community Public toilet

Name of Village: Putang Village, Senmonorrom twon, Mondulkiri Province.

Address of Village: Putang Village (Group 1), Senmonorrom twon, Mondulkiri Province.

Destination from town: 12km.

Number of the Population total is: 1015 people.


Question: why do we need community public toilet?

Up to now in Putang village people for ( group 1) have no toilet for their own and tourist so what we need first to provide them is public toilet for community in one village first that where tourist go there and visit and main problem is themselves use in community.

By our looking to their culture and traditional way they never use toilet. But nowadays everything is changing like water in the river or steam is not clean or nature like before , everyone get sick so that decrease of the hygiene is to make one toilet in community make them understand how safe their good health care and good future.


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