Mondulkiri Ethnic project’s main aim is provide a safe location to treat, nutrition, injured and /or mistreated domestic elephants while providing a hands-on approach to elephants care education and improvement of their welfare. We provide and elephants welfare and rehabilitation service.

The Mondulkiri Ethnic project site is a series of interlaced rented farms surround by farm and forest.

This sanctuary allows the elephants to get to close as possible to their natural environment, where their mahout could know look after and take care for them, while providing a large areas of forest for elephants to spend time away from human activity for longest period of time possible during a normal working day.

Our vision has to been to bring together people who want to support elephant’s welfare and this has been extremely successful with the commitment and help of tourist.

The Mondulkiri Ethnic project also protect an areas of forest from destruction to ensure that the Bunong people, elephants and the huge variety of other creatures in the forest have habitat for the future. This sanctuary is key to the local community and elephant’s future, as the forest have slowly come down around us.