Tour Program

Mondulkiri Ethnic Project gives you the opportunity to experience a beautiful jungle a short drive away from  Sen Monorom. Wild rivers, waterfalls, swimming holes, elephants, wild animals and birds are all could see when you are lucky.

Our trekking groups are leaded by English speaking guide with over 7 years’ experience in guiding tours within the forests surrounding Sen Monorom.  Our guide has extensive knowledge about the wildlife you will see and the traditions and customs of the Bunong peoples who live within the forests.  We also employ Bunong guides who are experts at living in the jungle.  Witnessing elephants during your trek and helping to wash them in the river is a memorable experience.

All jungle treks depart daily from the Sovankiri Restaurant, Sen Monorom at 8.30am.  The Mondulkiri Ethnic Project to protected forest, where they use to keep the elephants for get food and Bunong culture are located 08km south of Sen Monorom.

Mondulkiri Ethnic Project currently offers three tour options:

1 Day Elephant trek Adventure (Tour price $40 per person)

– 1 Day Elephant trek Adventure + overnight stay at Bunong village + 1 Day Jungle Trek (Tour price $65 per person)

– 2 Days Jungle Trek (Tour price $55 per person)

                         1 Day Elephant trekking in adventures

Happy day in the jungle with an elephant at the Mondulkiri Ethnic Project

and bunong culture

Sen Monorom ,Mondulkiri Ethnic Project ,Lang Trok River & Waterfall ,Bunong village homestay ,Sen Monorom

Hike level: easy

Group size: 2 to 8 guests

Suitable season: any season

Cost: $40 per person (includes lunch, guide fees and transport)


visiting the Mondulkiri Ethnic Project

feeding and hiking with an elephant through the jungle (no elephant riding)

swimming with and washing the elephant at a waterfall

Learning about elephants and Bunong culture and traditions

Lunch, relaxing and taking time visit around Bunong farm

                  2 Days Jungle Trek with Elephant

One day Elephant trek Adventure tour followed by sleeping overnight in hammocks at our Jungle camp and then a full day Jungle Trek with a Bunong Guide

Sen Monorom ,feeding, swimmig and washing Elephant in the jungle ,Overnight at Mondulkiri Ethnic  Project, Leng Kun Waterfall ,Leng Ong Waterfall ,Leng Ret Cave & Waterfall , Putang Village and Sen Monorom

Hike level: medium (day 2 approx 13km trek with several steep hill climbs)

Overnight accommodation: hammocks with mosquito nets at the Mondulkiri Ethnic Project jungle camp

Group size: 2 to 8 guests

Suitable season: any season

Cost $75 per person (includes all meals, accommodation, guides and transport)


walking with, feeding, swimming with and washing an elephant in the jungle

Traditional Bunong cooking and rice wine at the Mondulkiri Ethnic Project in village

sleeping in hammocks at the Mondulkiri Ethnic Project village

Full day Jungle trek with a Bunong Guide and the chance to see wild monkeys, birds

Swimming at waterfalls and seeing bats at Leng Ret cave

visiting Bunong working in the farms within the jungle and see many kind of crops as fruit, vegetable and herbs

2 Days Jungle Trek (No elephant)

A Bunong guided overnight jungle trek sleeping in the jungle camp.

Sen Monorom , Mondulkiri Ethnic Project ,Leng Ret Cave & Waterfall ,Leng Kun Waterfall ,Leng Ong Waterfall and Jungle Campsite , Leng Puk Brah khmer called (Kbal Preah) Waterfall ,Domrey Choan Bunong Village ,Sen Monorom

Hike level: medium (approx. 18km with several steep hill climbs)

Overnight accommodation: hammocks with mosquito nets at jungle camp beside a waterfall

Group size: 2 to 8 guests

Suitable season: any season

Cost: $55 per person (includes all meals, accommodation, guides and transport)


Two days of jungle trekking

Swimming and jumping in at waterfalls

Beautiful jungle campsite and sleeping in hammocks at Leng Ong Waterfall

Traditional Bunong cooking and rice wine at campfire in jungle

visiting Bunong farms within the jungle and seeing wild rice, fruit, vegetable and herbs

amazing views when walking along grass plains between jungles

The chance to see monkeys and birds

eating jungle foods and learning to catch fish and frogs



Day 1: Mondulkiri Ethnic Project to a jungle campsite at the Leng Ong Waterfall   [9 kms]


Pick up from the Sovankiri Restaurant on the main street of Sen Monorom (Road 76).

8.45am to 9.00am

Drive to the starting point of the tour which offers views of the large area of forest which has been protected from logging by the Mondulkiri Ethnic Project.   Meet your Bunong guide.


Start your descent into the forest, first stopping at the Mondulkiri Ethnic Project’s Bunong village.  Here we meet a Bunong family and admire views over  the Otey River.  Soon we cross the Otey River using a wooden bridge.  Our Bunong guide next leads us through some beautiful jungle with many types of trees, flowers, vines  and beautiful stands of bamboo.

12.00pm to 12.30pm

Lunch break in jungle.  Meal of fried pork with rice

12.30pm to 2.00pm

After lunch we continue walking and then stop at a Bunong farm clearing and harvest cassava, chillis and lemon grass for the evening meal. We also see wild rice, pineapple   and cashew nut trees.  Next continue on passing by the large Leng Ret cave and Leng Ret waterfall where you might see some bats.  Arrive at our campsite.

2.00pm onward

Alongside the campsite is the beautiful Leng Ong waterfall and a lovely place to go swimming.  After setting up our hammocks we walk a short distance to the top of the fifty  meter high Leng Kun waterfall with stunning views.

Time for some fishing for tomorrow lunch and to set up fishing nets that we will check the next morning.

After returning to camp it is time to relax by the fire and watch our Bunong guide prepare a traditional Bunong soup cooked inside bamboo.  After trying some Bunong rice wine  it is time for dinner and a meal of vegetable soup, bbq pork and vegetables. Also see your Bunong guide catch frogs and fish for dessert. Campfire stories and then sleep in  hammocks

Day 2: Leng Ong Waterfall jungle campsite to Domrey Choan Bunong Village [14 kms]

8.00am to 9.00am

Slowly wake up around the morning campfire and have another swim.  After checking the fishing nets it is time for a breakfast of eggs, bread and leftovers.

9.00am to 12.00pm

We trek up from the jungle campsite and into new terrain of grassy hills offering views across the jungle we walked through on day one.  From here we can see more Bunong  farms growing Cassava and meet Bunong walking on their way to farm and fish in the jungle.  The landscape changes again to long grass and then woodlands offering a great  variety of different plants.  We will see trees that the Bunong use to harvest resin which is turned into oil and sold to Vietnam.

12.00pm to 2.00pm

On arrival at the magnificent Kbal Preah Waterfall it is time for swimming and jumping into the river followed by sunbathing whilst lunch is prepared.  The meal is fresh fish  caught yesterday and more BBQ pork and vegetables.  Also try the Bunong treat of brown ants in salt.

2.00pm to 4.00pm

After lunch we leave Kbal Preah waterfall and have a slow steep climb towards the dirt road that leads to the Domrey Choan Bunong Village.  Here we are picked up by car and  have a short drive back to Sen Monorom.

What you will need to pack for this trek

Light, long sleeved clothing for the day, warm clothes for night, swimming clothes and a towel, a hat and sunscreen protection.  Camera.  Snacks.  Insect repellant. Rain coat (in  the wet season, one will be provided if you donate have one)

  Elephant Obstruction

There are very few domestic elephants left in Mondulkiri so the Mondulkiri Ethnic Project feels that having tourist ride them is not the best for the long term health of the elephant.  Contact with elephants is limited to walking with the elephant, touching the elephant, swimming with the elephant and helping to wash the elephant.  Also, riding elephants is not that much fun.  It is uncomfortable and there isn’t much to see up there except tree branches which lash your face.

What you need to bring with you in preparation for jungle trekking:

Light, long sleeved clothing to wear during the day.  Warm clothing for the night.  Sturdy footwear.  Swimming clothes, towel, a hat and sun protection. Insect repellent.  Rain coat or poncho. Camera.

Meals and water are provided.  You might want to bring additional snack foods.

Mondulkiri Ethnic Project needs ongoing funds to help us achieve our goals.

Community Project Costs include:

For supporting to the Bunong Mahout training on Elephant culture within the Mondulkiri Ethnic Project provide them food and elephants food during trek.

Supporting to the community elephants to breeding project to get young generation for community.

Supporting the poor children to have chance going to school for getting good knowledge

Supporting the equipment to help care to provide the medical for older and poor bunong villager.

If you feel passionate about the goals of the Mondulkiri Ethnic Project and want to help us protect Bunong elephants have long life and good health for the elephants and human and provide assistance to the indigenous Bunong surrounding Sen Monorom as Putang village only, please kindly donate money or any items that might be helpful to our Community Project.